International Humanitarian Activities


Pakistan is an amazing country that is experiencing great turmoil. With record inflation and soaring poverty, many thousands are suffering. We are a small organization and cannot help everyone, but we can make a difference in the lives of some with your help!
Each month our Pakistan operative and her young sister set out to identify an individual or two in need – sometimes more, depending on available resources. Like an angel swooping down from the heavens, our operative approaches these random individuals anonymously, asks what they need, and then delivers. Food, medicine, shoes, etc. are some of the things that have been provided so far. Widows, the elderly, orphans, and the homeless are the individuals our two operatives seek out.
Sometimes having the basic necessities in life allows those most marginalized to experience joy, dignity and hope for the first time ever. The tears in their eyes and the smiles on their faces are evidence of the meaningful anonymous work BADEYA and its donors and Pakistani operatives are delivering each month.
PLEASE join us in making a difference! BADEYA Citizenship and Civic Solutions, a federally-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit, is raising money to benefit people in great need in Pakistan, and any donation will help make an impact.
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We distributed 50+ boxes of food.

They don’t have any houses for their families to live. No toilets, no roof , no food to feed their loved one’s. Help them out!

This little girl was on the road with bare feet to earn some money for her home. 

We bought them new pair of shoes by the help of donations. 

Your donation can change someone life. Please help them. 

We helped Pakistan flood victims family of 2022. 

These food packages and bags of flour are in high demand in Pakistan, as they can last families for 2-3 weeks and help them cook meals for their loved ones.

Help us to change their lives and bring smile on their faces in this difficult time. 

Be the reason of someone’s smile. 

Please don’t stop sending donations, they need you. Even a small  donation can help 1-2 lives.

Help us save Humanity in this difficult time.

The inflation rate in Pakistan rose to 40.4% in March 2023, up from 31.5% in February. This is the highest reading since December 1973, with costs increasing for food (47.2%), clothing & footwear (21.9% vs 17%), housing & utilities (17.5% vs 13.6%), and transport (54.9% vs 50.5%). Additionally, with the growing unemployment situation in Pakistan, lack of job opportunities, downsizing of companies, and businesses shutting down, the country is facing its worst economic crisis ever.

People are starving, suffering, and resorting to suicide as they have no means left to feed themselves or their loved ones. Your small donation can help feed one family for 10-15 days. Please don’t hesitate to help. They are fellow humans in need of your support!

Let’s come together for the sake of humanity!

Every month, we create basic grocery packages that are designed to provide enough food for a family of 3-4 members to cook and eat easily for 15-20 days, especially during this period of inflation. We believe that food is a basic right for everyone, and we are doing our best to reach as many families as possible.

The story of an undergraduate student who was unable to pay his final semester university fees. We helped him by covering his tuition fees so that he wouldn’t have to let go of his degree. Education fees are high in Pakistan, and the current literacy rate stands at 62.3 per cent, which means that around 90 million people in the country cannot read and write. It goes without saying that illiteracy is a major cause of unemployment and poverty in the country.